Who we are
IAC Professionals is an accounting and bookkeeping firm... but we're much more: We're your partners in running a successful business.

Joan Raskiewicz, Executive Assistant
Rachel Braam, Office Manager
Marie Dwyer, CPA
Heather Roberts, BK Support Specialist
Connie Harshbarger, BK Support Specialist
Brittany Collazo, Office Assistant
We understand business
You have to work hard to find clients and serve them with excellence. We understand. Our founder is not only a certified accountant, she's also a small business owner with several successful businesses created and sold. So entrepreneurs aren't just our clientele, it's who we are. We work with small and large businesses and we're focused on helping businesses succeed.
Virtual service helps us help you
There's a world of difference between our virtual accounting firm and the accountant whose office is in the strip mall down the street from you. You don't need to spend your time at their office. Operating as a virtual business puts us on the cutting edge of service, speed, and security and it saves you time! It helps us to keep our costs down and our efficiency up. The web gives you the ability to choose superior virtual accounting services over proximity.
We deliver performance-enhancing financial clarity
IAC Professionals provides expert virtual accounting and bookkeeping services, but our ultimate goal is your business' success. We provide efficient, affordable services to help you make better business decisions based on all the facts. By keeping your books clean and your taxes up-to-date, we'll provide you with a clear picture of how your business is operating. And by delivering an accountants' insight, we'll help you know how to invest in your business for future growth. You choose what you need and we'll help you become more successful.
Ready to become more successful?
If you're ready to make better decisions and to grow your business, select the bookkeeping or accounting services that will suit your needs.